Cuing New Year’s Eve sonorous suburban landscape or, ala Eno, music for gardens


Fade up: neighbours’ mowing, parrot
screech, a visitor’s idling Harley & distant
kookaburras’ cackle as you hose
off baked brick paving
& carve rivulets from sundried
mulch. Santarosa plum trees release
disfigured fruit like jettisoning
ballast while redgreenfeathered
culprits, unopposable claws
revealed as weaponry, rise to
escape mayhem of hose-slither
& surprising sprays – your
invective, water.

Later, lulling snips & teasing twigsnaps
intertwine with telltale
canine yips at the fenceline to
disclose those furtive whisperers, now shushing, your
neighbours, at work in the hedge –
too invasive & dense & impenetrable
for their liking, &
kindly arbour to your peaceful afternoons

… sunshattered now with
two months of summer left
to run


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