Permeable membranes


Slideshows and photo albums display white-
haired cousins too similar to tell
apart, and the shapeshifting form of
your father from slouch-suited
teenager with stern parents to
Grandfather Christmas morphs to
this terminus,
coffin bound


Scars from surgery, facial embellishment –
there Colonel Sanders, here Captain
Pugwash – all one life lived, and
still living on in you, our
daughters, gangly once blonde
cousins who order drinks at
the bar, read an elegy from
The Flaming Lips, reflect on years
Too Long now past, but membranes
here, too, are
yielding with alcohol, illness, sorrows lived
or bullets dodged, children raised, houses
moved. The drift imperceptible,
perhaps, in passing, still we veer
like misaligned tyres
on a roadworthy vehicle
toward one destination


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