Only female offspring of divorced British parents. Love learning, disliked coercion at school. A-grade student resistant to strictures, structure, labels and typecasting. Omniverous reader: Kafka at 10, Pride and Prejudice soon after. Revelatory. Stepfather painter & decorator. Mother secretary. First generation migrants on visa BF111 – permanent Australian resident since 1975. Parents developed the art of homesickness. Perfected the trope. Enacted Pinteresque dialogue riffs as a hobby. Moved from Brisbane to the world’s-most-isolated-capital-city by crossing an unsealed Nullarbor in a beige HK Holden sedan. Step-father learned the art of Wallpaper World: suede boat interiors; lavish flock drapery; self-employed 7 day weeks, 9 hour days. Earned $. Mother PA at building society with perennial access to low interest rates. New house owners as profitable sideline. Big Life Plan: Return To Blighty.


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